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Are you a female entrepreneur looking to take your business to the next level? Are you interested in reaching a wider audience and scaling your business to new heights while receiving guidance and support? Pink Bow is for you.

About Pink Bow

Pink bow’s aim is to help female entrepreneurs achieve their business goals.

Pink bow is a female founded organization set up with the aim of helping female entrepreneurs achieve their business goals. Many countries around the world have different programs to encourage the girl child to finish education, get a qualification, get on an incubator program, and/or access different funds and schemes. The truth is not much help is offered to beyond the education and incubation to success.

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Create your business on Pink Bow and let us handle the rest. Marketing, e-Commerce, Records and more for true hustlers.

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    Top Questions from Sellers

    Pink Bow is a female founded company started to help female Entrepreneurs expand their market reach. Many of our subscribers are looking for more business both domestically and abroad, and Pink Bow is here to help.

    It is easy to start with Pink Bow, click here to enroll your business onto our platform. After verification, a notice will be sent to you, and you are ready. Should you require tailored plans, an agent will reach out to you to get started in 2-3 business days.

    Any female above the age of 18 owning or a co-founder of a business or trade can subscribe to Pink Bow.

    When an archer pulls the bow, it stretched, the harder the string and bow stretch tight and the arrow is released to hit the target. This is the engine of Pink Bow; helping each business stretch their limits, expand and hit a wider coverage.

    All legal business is welcome on Pink Bow. This includes, but not limited to trade, merchandise, goods and services. So whether you own a boutique, or offer home decorations and remodeling, cleaning and fumigation. All are welcome, the only caveat is that the business must be owned or led or co-founded by a female.

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